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Will Kwame join the Drugs Trade?

Posted by John Powell on April 4, 2011 at 12:20 PM

“So you can provide the wee, er weed,” prompted Kwame. “It’s good to start with that,” said Peter, “but we should soon move on to coke and smack, that’s what really brings in the big bucks.” “Can you supply all that!” gasped Kwame, unable to contain his surprise at this unguarded statement, “Where does it all come from?” “Need to know, I’m afraid, Old Boy,” said Peter, tapping the side of his nose.

This remark and gesture set a bell ringing in Kwame’s head. It was completely out of character for Peter. Where had he picked it up? Where had Kwame heard someone speaking like that before? He searched his memory in vain. Peter was asking him to confirm his interest; maybe he feared that he had said too much. In his confusion Kwame wanted time to sort through all he had learned. “I’ll let you know by the end of the vacation,” he said.

After Peter left, Kwame went over all that had been said. He had learned that Peter could supply cannabis, cocaine and heroin and was interested in Kwame helping to expand the local market with particular emphasis on recruiting more West African helpers and promoting sales to the youth. Helping with the marketing in Coventry would not involve carrying contraband through customs at the airport and appeared to be less risky than acting as a courier. It could also be done without Comfort being aware of his involvement and so she would raise no objection. Now he had to decide if he wanted to build his house in Kumasi on this activity, as Peter and Bra Yaw seemed to be doing, or whether to leave it well alone as he knew his father would wish.

The Colonial Gentleman's Son Page, 208

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